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I provide a crucial asset for your business: a complete service dedicated to practice growth and increased revenue. Let me take you through the process.

The Evaluation.
The process begins with an in-depth evaluation of the practice and each element that defines your brand. I will examine:
• your reputation in the field
• website and collateral materials
• practice philosophy
• media readiness
• patient outreach efforts
• practice events
• speaking engagements
• staff protocol
• intake of new patients
• level of care for existing patients
• accreditation
• the environment of your site
My findings will form the foundation of our work together.

Building the elite practice.
My specialty is to develop and grow your practice. I will provide the tools for consistent dedication, every day, and with every patient. Each referral and consultation provides a new opening for you and your practice to grow larger and stronger. I will show you, and teach your staff, how to successfully respond to all opportunities.

You might try to accomplish ambitious growth on your own, or with in-house staff. But, with my help, you will be free to devote yourself to the care of your patients. After all, you are dedicated to giving your patients the ultimate care, attention and outcome — and this is the best source for recognition and future referrals. My specialty is to apply a research-based, individualized evaluation to maximize and grow your practice.

We will work in partnership to define your specific assets, needs and goals. I will help you shape your most effective image and a total branding package. With these tools in place, I will cast a wide net to achieve recognition across all key marketing points, from media awareness and special events to adjacent business partnerships that fuel referral streams. My distinctive offering includes:

• logo, website and print package development
• new patient outreach and individual counseling
• exposure to key influencer groups
• media coaching and outreach
• practice management tools and techniques
• staff development
• real estate consulting and site design

Together we will build the total elite practice that provides the very best outcomes, experience and meticulous patient care. By doing so, we will build a dense foundation for explosive growth in your practice.

The special client.
My services are dedicated to an elite, affluent patient. These very special clients always expect more, but in return they offer the ability to compensate you for the services your practice provides. It is a challenge to communicate with and satisfy this special client. This is the client I have worked with for over thirty years and with whom I am most familiar. This is the client I understand, from lifestyle and perspective, to the confidentially and level of service they require. This is the client you seek and the one who will give you bankable rewards.

What everyone wants to know.
What is a reasonable time line for creating the tools for growth and success? To answer this question, honesty is imperative. I would ask you:
• What are your expectations?
• Have you defined what “success” means to you?
• How important is that success to you?
• How devoted are you to that goal?

In Conclusion.
In the world of elite client development, all of the above strategic tools will translate into success, financial rewards and recognition among your target clients.

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